Roofing contractors in Calgary can be found on almost any corner these days. Since your home is likely the most expensive investment you’ve made and own, and you want to take care of it. So, when you need repairs or replacement for your roof, you should use the best service you can find. In Calgary, roofing needs should be serviced by a professional that has experience and recent references you can check.

Most of the Calgary Roofers are going to be certified, dependable, and honest in their work. But not all roofing companies in Calgary offer the same quality of shingles or other roofing materials. And every Calgary roofing company has different guarantees and warranty offers.

When you’re looking at the many roofing contractors in Calgary, there are things you want to clarify with them as they examine your roof:

  • Insurance – ask for proof of their worker’s compensation and liability insurance.
  • Local – choosing local Calgary Roofers will guarantee you won’t get a fly-by contractor.
  • Price – this shouldn’t be your focus. You get what you pay for holds true.
  • Written – make sure you get a written quote and a written contract for the job.
  • Communication – be sure you have a clear line of communication with the contractor.

These are things you want to check with any of the roofing companies in Calgary that you contact for estimates on repairing or replacing your roof. Your home is most likely the most expensive investment you have. Take the time to interview several roofing contractors in Calgary, asking the things we’ve pointed out here.

When It Comes To Your Roofing Contract

Misunderstandings between a homeowner and Calgary Roofers are usually from the lack of communication, not so much dishonesty or incompetence by the roofing companies. Calgary government has certain requirements for Calgary roofing companies. However, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure those requirements are met and fulfilled.

In your best interest, make certain that you inquire and have in writing, the following:

  • Payment terms in detail
  • Start date and completion date
  • Calgary compliance codes and requirements
  • Manufacturer’s installation requirements and warranty

List of material that will be used, including brand names. That list should include:

  • Shingles
  • Underlayment
  • Protection for eaves and leak prevention
  • Flashing
  • Vents

Other things you want to get in writing and make sure you have clear understanding:

  • Manufacturer’s shingle warranty in detail
  • Calgary roofing contractor’s workmanship warranty in detail
  • Details of the exact work to be performed
  • Detail statement of the following, including how it is priced out:
  • Roof deck repair
  • Vent installation
  • Existing shingle removal and tear-off
  • Calgary Roofers plans for debris and trash disposal
  • Homeowner’s cancellation rights

Protect Yourself While Protecting Your Home

Be sure the roofing contractors in Calgary that you get estimates from have insurance that provides you and them both protection against liens that could be placed against your property. If the roofing repair or replacement that you’re having done is to be an insurance paid job, few roofing companies in Calgary will file the claim for you. Most will require payment in full by you, thus, leaving you to file the claim and be paid by your homeowner’s insurance.

For the most part, Calgary Roofers are dependable and honest. Like any home repair industry business, there are contractor that aren’t. It is in your best interest to screen each one you get an estimate from. Honest roofing contractors in Calgary won’t mind answering your questions and providing you answers to your questions. If a Calgary roofing contractor hesitates or can’t provide you the answers and proof you’re asking for, the best thing you could do is pass on their bid and go to another contractor.

Be cautious of any Calgary Roofers that ask for any amount of deposit before they begin work. In Calgary, a “Prepaid Contractor” and must be licensed with the city as a Prepaid Contractor, which means they have had to post security deposit with the city. Additionally, there are Fair Trading Act requirements they must meet, which they must provide you that information as well.

Licensing Checks Required of Roofing Companies in Calgary

The City of Calgary requires all Calgary Roofers, independent contractor or companies, have a city license. A permit is required for each job and you should clarify with all estimates if the contractor will be obtaining that permit or if it is your responsibility. Again, clear communication and everything in writing is recommended when getting a Calgary roofing job on your home.

Another layer of assurance you can get to provide you legitimacy on roofing contractors in Calgary is to check with the Better Business Bureau. This will provide you information on any complaints filed on the company, if they have been resolved and how they were resolved. If any Calgary Roofers hasn’t resolved a complaint, or if it took a long time to resolve one, this could be an indication they may not be the Calgary roofing contractor you want to work with.